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10 Best Bookkeepers In Burnaby


Are you looking for the best bookkeepers in Burnaby?

Well, you’re in the right place! This article features 10 of the best that will get your books in tip-top shape in no time at all.

Whether you’re a small or large business, expert bookkeeping is needed to keep control of the financials. A great bookkeeper should have experience, excellent communication skills, focus and knowledge of your business sector.

While it might be tempting to do the bookkeeping jobs yourself, a good bookkeeper is adept at organizing financial records, allowing you to understand where your money is being spent and how it can be used better. Let’s take a look at the best bookkeepers in Burnaby to get your business in financial shape.

Best Bookkeepers In Burnaby To Contact Today

best bookkeepers in burnaby - Intrepidium Consulting

NH Business Services Corp

NH Business Services Corp is a team of professional bookkeepers providing accounting and tax services to small and medium businesses. With over 20 years’ experience, they provide some of the best bookkeeping, payroll and financial management services in the area.

The NH bookkeepers can customize services to meet your requirements. Some of these services include accounting and bookkeeping, tax services and working with start-ups. They are committed to helping clients take control of their financials and keep hold of their money.

Darren Wong Accounting

Darren Wong Accounting is a top Burnaby firm. If you’re looking for a great bookkeeper, these guys know their stuff and aim to build long-term relationships with each client. Their expertise lies in corporate tax, business consulting, CFO/controllership services, payroll, bookkeeping services and more.

Representing different sized businesses in Burnaby and across Canada, they aim to lead their clients to a good place financially. If you need reliable bookkeeping services, Darren Wong and the team are a good choice.

Intrepidium Consulting

You didn’t think we’d leave ourselves off of this list, did you? Intrepidium Bookkeeping serves Burnaby and Greater Vancouver area with accurate and dependable bookkeeping services and bookkeeping packages. When your small business or medium-sized business is growing and you’re looking for bookkeeping services you can trust, we assess your situation and provide a quote customized for your business needs. We believe profitable local businesses are what make our community a great place to enjoy living and working.

Cloudiverse CPAS Inc

Cloudiverse is a top accounting firm in Burnaby, having been established since 2018. They provide affordable accounting packages for start-ups and small businesses. Their goal is to be a trusted partner for their clients and to provide the best financial services and advice for all.

Cloudiverse specializes in non-profit services, part-time CFO services, bookkeeping, advisory, financial planning and income tax preparation. Being small business experts, Cloudiverse knows how to maximize the entrepreneurial journey so the business becomes smarter and richer.

Hands on Accounting

One of the best bookkeepers in Burnaby, Hands on Accounting offers affordable and professional bookkeeping services for small businesses. Established in 2004, this company has the skill and experience to help any business master their finances.

Their specialties lie in bookkeeping, tax return services and payroll services. Owned and run by Ina Turner, a certified professional bookkeeper, you’ll get exceptional financial support and topnotch customer service.

Borja Bookkeeping Services

Established in 2017, Borja Bookkeeping Services has been guiding small businesses to financial peace of mind for many years. The owner Luisa, has a passion for numbers and impressive credentials as a certified Bookkeeper.

Luisa gained experience in many roles such as an accounting assistant, junior accountant, receptionist and bookkeeper and now offers customized services to small businesses in and around Burnaby.

Sidekick Bookkeeping

Sidekick Bookkeeping is focused on increasing profitability for their clients. Whether its cleaning up the books, creating a budget, implementing processes to train staff or analyzing the profit potential of a new product – the Sidekick team can help.

Operated by Lisa, who was previously a lead data analyst in the corporate world, she moved on to work as a bookkeeper with a small firm. Later on, Lisa decided to strike out on her own and form her own company – Sidekick Bookkeeping.

Jason Ding

It’s not the first time that Jason Ding has made one of our lists. That’s because he provides topnotch accounting, tax and bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized companies. The team customizes their accounting services depending on needs and educates clients on their cost analysis, accounting, tax and financial decisions.

In 2018, the business was reborn after taking over a local accounting firm. Jason Ding has over 20 years’ experience in accounting, taxation and financial planning for large and public enterprises. He prides himself in becoming a strong financial ally to all his clients.

Kinetic Books and Tax Solutions

Kinetic specializes in paperless bookkeeping, payroll, tax and business trust accounting. They offer flat rate competitive bookkeeping rates and monthly or quarterly packages, so you know what you’re paying.

Kinetics has over 20 years’ experience in the industry and is fluent in QuickBooks, Wave Accounting and Sage 50cloud. By using these tools, Kinetics helps their clients to streamline the bookkeeping and record-keeping process.

Acton Accounting and Bookkeeping

The Acton team offers certified financial accounting and bookkeeping services. They can help with tax computations, tax filing, payroll, income tax problems and all types of accounting and bookkeeping.

Acton likes to take the time to understand each client’s business or personal tax situation, so they can develop the best future financial strategy.

Whether you’re an individual who needs help with tax filing or a small business that needs to streamline financial processes, the Acton bookkeepers can help.

Final Thoughts on the Best Bookkeepers in Burnaby

There are many great bookkeepers in Burnaby to choose from. To select the best one for you, contact multiple and ask for a consultation. Discuss your needs, worries and future goals and see what they offer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask to see previous or current client testimonials. A great bookkeeper, with your best interests at heart, should be happy to oblige.

Ryan Roch, CEO Intrepidium Consulting Inc.

About the author

Ryan Roch is the CEO of Intrepidium Consulting, offering customized Bookkeeping, Accounting, Fractional CFO, and Tax Preparation Services to small and medium-sized businesses. With extensive experience in financial reporting, strategic planning, budgeting, compliance, and cash management, Ryan helps clients overcome financial challenges, gain clarity, and achieve their growth objectives.


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