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"Ryan and his staff have been amazing and so easy to work with. I would highly recommend Intrepidium consulting!"
Laura T.

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"Ryan Roch is the model of a cool, calm and collected professional. He knows what he’s doing. I sleep well knowing that Ryan has my companies finances in order."

James C.

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"Ryan and his team at Intrepidium have been fabulous to work with. They are detail-oriented, quick to respond, and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend!"

Meagan D.

About the Author

Ryan Roch, BBA, CPA, CGA - CEO Intrepidium Consulting Inc.

Ryan Roch co-founded Intrepidium in 2018 because he felt small to medium-sized businesses weren’t being serviced properly by other bookkeeping firms. As a Chartered Professional Accountant with a wide variety of industry and business experience including manufacturing, and growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Ryan has worked as an accountant and a controller in a variety of fields. Always seeking new experiences and new opportunities, he saw a need for a fully customizable bookkeeping firm that could tailor services depending on the type of business.

Ryan enjoys seeing companies go from uncertainty to clarity which enables them to grow and achieve their goals quicker.

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