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Reasons To Hire A Bookkeeper From Pitt Meadows


In this blog post, we’ll show you why, if you have a business in Pitt Meadows, you want to hire a local bookkeeper.

Let’s face it, proper bookkeeping is a crucial part of any business. It helps businesses budget, prepare for tax, and maybe more importantly, it helps them track the performance of their business and make improvements where necessary.

Yet, despite its importance, many business owners still neglect it. It’s easy to see why, considering that they have so many other things on their plate that they struggle to get to everything.

However, neglecting bookkeeping can be a mistake. By doing this, business owners will not have any insight into their business’s finances, but it could also get costly when it comes to tax time.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

And that is hiring a bookkeeper from Pitt Meadows. This will help businesses ensure that their financial records are always up-to-date and helps them plan more strategically.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the benefits business owners will gain when hiring a bookkeeper and what to look for when hiring one.

Reasons To Hire A Bookkeeper

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A Bookkeeper Helps Businesses Budget

Proper bookkeeping allows businesses to know exactly what they’re spending and earning.

As a result, they’re able to see exactly what they’re spending their money on and what the return on that spend is.

So, for example, they can see what return their marketing spend is giving them. If the return is less than optimal, they can then adjust their marketing spend or invest in other, more affordable, types of marketing.

They can also see what parts of their business are most profitable. This then allows them to focus more on these areas or develop strategies to improve the parts of the business that are lagging behind.

In simple terms, businesses can make adjustments to their budget to optimize their spending and increase their profitability. An added benefit of proper budgeting is that it also gives business owners the ability to improve their cash flow.

This is crucial for any business, not only because business owners will know that they can pay their expenses, but also because it allows them to take advantage of new opportunities. 

Bookkeepers Help Prepare For The CRA

It’s no secret that tax season accounts for a fair amount of sleepless nights amongst business owners. And let’s face it, getting everything ready for tax season takes a lot of time and effort, which business owners could rather spend on running their businesses and generating profits.

So, by hiring a bookkeeper, business owners eliminate the need to work through vast amounts of financial transactions and records because the bookkeeper will keep their records up to date. This makes it far easier for business owners to file their tax returns.

An added benefit when it comes to tax is that proper bookkeeping can protect businesses against a tax audit because all their financial information will be organized and up to date.

As a result, they can ensure that they’ll be ready when tax season or an audit comes, which, in turn, makes it far less stressful.

Bookkeepers Give Businesses An Accurate Record Of All Their Transactions

With proper bookkeeping, business owners can track down all their expenses and income. In simple terms, it gives them insight into their business’s finances in an instant. For example, if business owners want to see exactly what they spend on internet service, they’re able to track it down easily and efficiently.

Likewise, they can also see exactly what they earn on specific products or services. This allows them to see exactly what aspects of their business to focus on. Apart from this, it helps business owners keep track of what customers still owe them. This, in turn, helps them plan better because they have an overview of what revenue they’ll earn in the future.

A Bookkeeper Helps Businesses Track Their Performance

By having all of their business’s financial information available, business owners can see how profitable they are and track their profitability and growth over time.

So, they can easily see how their profitability increases over time. This, in turn, shows them whether their business is growing or not. 

Proper bookkeeping, apart from tracking growth, also allows business owners to compare their revenue and expenses to previous years and months. This then allows them to spot trends in their business, which could help them plan better. 

Bookkeepers Help Businesses Make Better Decisions

With all the benefits above, and taking into account the information that business owners will have available at all times, it means that they will have the ability to make better decisions. In simple terms, they’ll be able to make decisions based on concrete data. This, in turn, eliminates decisions made based on hunches or instincts.

When making data-driven decisions, they’ll then be able to take better advantage of upcoming opportunities. Businesses can, therefore, based on their financial information, judge if they should invest in new technologies, products, real estate, or take on credit. 

But it goes further than this. With all the data available, they’ll also be able to prevent costly mistakes. For example, without their detailed financial information, business owners could invest in things they can’t afford.

What To Look For In A Pitt Meadows Bookkeeper

So, considering the above, it’s easy to see why businesses can’t afford not to have a bookkeeper. But how can they go about hiring a bookkeeper?

Some things they should consider when looking for a bookkeeper are:

  • A good bookkeeper should understand their business processes, the industry, and the business’ requirements.
  • The bookkeeper should be trustworthy and business owners should be comfortable building a relationship with the bookkeeper.
  • A good bookkeeper should always be up-to-date with the newest technologies, regulations, and rules.
  • The bookkeeper should have excellent communication skills to facilitate effective communication between themselves and the business owner. 

The Bottom Line

To a large extent, the success of a business depends on proper bookkeeping. It enables business owners to budget better, plan better, and make better decisions.

Hopefully, this post helped illustrate some of the reasons why having a bookkeeper is essential and what to look for when hiring one. To find out more about bookkeeping or to find a bookkeeper in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, visit our website for more details. 

Ryan Roch, CEO Intrepidium Consulting Inc.

About the author

Ryan Roch is the CEO of Intrepidium Consulting, offering customized Bookkeeping, Accounting, Fractional CFO, and Tax Preparation Services to small and medium-sized businesses. With extensive experience in financial reporting, strategic planning, budgeting, compliance, and cash management, Ryan helps clients overcome financial challenges, gain clarity, and achieve their growth objectives.


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