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The Best 10 Coquitlam Bookkeepers


In this blog post, we’re going to feature the top ten Coquitlam bookkeepers.

Every business, whether it is small or large, needs bookkeeping to record its financial transactions. Bookkeeping needs focus, excellent communication skills, experience, and knowledge of the business.

The owner of the company should hire an experienced bookkeeper or bookkeeping company to maintain a good record of their business transactions. A bookkeeper will keep company records organized, as well as record all the business transactions, which will help you understand the profit and loss of your company.

If you are searching for the best local bookkeepers for your business, here is a list of the top ten bookkeepers in Coquitlam BC. These bookkeeping businesses will help you understand your financials better which will allow you to make better, smarter business decisions.

The Best 10 Coquitlam Bookkeepers best 10 coquitlam bookkeepers Intrepidium Consulting

Best Coquitlam Bookkeepers

Calvin Bui & Partners

Starting as a bookkeeping service back in 2005, they’ve grown into a boutique firm of professionals in many disciplines. From accounting, tax preparation, investment advice, business consulting, and immigration management, they have qualified personnel to look after your needs. They provide reliable and discrete handling of all your business tasks because your success is their success!

Hayat Shahi & Company

Established in 2015, Hayat Shahi & Company is a Chartered Professional Accounting firm in North Vancouver that provides professional accounting services, bookkeeping, consulting, financial advisory, and tax services. As an accounting company, they also recognize the need for continuing professional education from their CPA experts.

Sidekick Bookkeeping

Clients hire Sidekick Bookkeeping to get their books in order and provide real-time usage data to track and grow their business. They implement technology to streamline their bookkeeping process to free up more time to work on their bottom line.

Owned and operated by Lisa, she was inspired to start this company when she left her position as a Lead Data Analyst in the corporate world and began the next stage of her career as a bookkeeper with a small firm. From there, she gained the small bookkeeping firm and formed her own company under a new name – Sidekick Bookkeeping.

Maja Hanelt Chartered Professional Accountant

Maja Hanelt holds a CPA, CGA designation and is the Founder of Maja Hanelt Inc. As a Chartered Professional Accountant, She is dedicated to providing quality service to all her clients and help them with their accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Maja has started her career at one of the largest banks in Germany, where she became a Lending Specialist. Having a great memory for numbers and her German financial experience in her back pocket, she moving from Germany to Coquitlam in 2007, where she pursued a career in accounting and bookkeeping.

Borja Bookkeeping Services

Borja Bookkeeping Services was established in 2017. From their passion for numbers and wish to help small businesses, They took a fresh path as a freelancer with the goal of helping small business owners with their accounting needs and offering customized bookkeeping services.

The owner Luisa is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper with over ten years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting-related services. Her experience in the industry and public practice has given me versatility and knowledge to succeed in my projects and with my clients.

Certus Accounting & Tax Services

Their business specializes in personal and corporate tax and accounting services, including tax preparation, tax and business planning, bookkeeping, and financial statement preparation, and compliance filings.

They also handle cross-border tax issues, nonresident taxes, and nonresident property dispositions, and voluntary disclosures for individuals and corporations who have not filed taxes for several years.

Devine & Associates Bookkeeping And Accounting Services

Come to Devine & Associates for all your financial and office management in Coquitlam. Their goal is to provide error-free, competent, value-added bookkeeping services that enable clients to focus on their major strengths. Their integrity and work ethic, along with our unwavering commitment to customer service, is their reputation and trademark that will differentiate them from the competition.

Intrepidium Consulting

Intrepidium Bookkeeping serves the Greater Vancouver area and the Lower Mainland with accurate and dependable bookkeeping services. When your small business or medium-sized business is growing and you’re looking for bookkeeping services you can trust, we assess your situation and provide a quote customized for your business needs.

We believe profitable local businesses are what make our community a great place to enjoy living and working. That’s why our team has helped many small and medium-sized businesses in Greater Vancouver get their books back on track and manage them accurately month after month so they can get back to what they are good at – running their business.

Jason Ding

They are a local CPA accounting firm that uses innovative technology and specializes in bookkeeping, Canadian and US taxes and financial reporting.

The business was reborn in 2018 after the successful takeover of a local accounting firm. They pride themselves on quality and cater to customized solutions to our customers’ needs.

JPS Accounting Services

They are Chartered Accountants (CA) and US Certified Public Accountants (CPA) servicing businesses across Coquitlam and the Lower Mainland. Helping with bookkeeping through to Financial Statements, cash flows, business plans and US Tax Compliance JPS can help you with your bookkeeping needs. Their office is in Port Coquitlam – check out our website. There they have tools that can help you with any bookkeeping questions you might have.

Ryan Roch, CEO Intrepidium Consulting Inc.

About the author

Ryan Roch is the CEO of Intrepidium Consulting, offering customized Bookkeeping, Accounting, Fractional CFO, and Tax Preparation Services to small and medium-sized businesses. With extensive experience in financial reporting, strategic planning, budgeting, compliance, and cash management, Ryan helps clients overcome financial challenges, gain clarity, and achieve their growth objectives.


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